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The Standard Factory Settings are as follows:-

1080mm Measured from the front face of the rear axle bearing carrier to the centre of the top king-pin bolt (top upright bolt)
0 to 1 deg Positive with wheels in straight ahead position.
Parallel to 1mm toe out
Front Track
25mm in each side from maximum
Rear Track
30mm in each side from maximum
Tyre Pressure
FRONT 10 psi (Recommended as start point)
REAR 12 psi (Recommended as start point)
Wing Angle
This is measured by laying a straight edge fore and aft on the top of the wing and measuring the angle in relationship to the track using an angle gauge.
Dry Conditions 0-2 deg
Wet Conditions 2-4 deg
The new wing section has produced excellent downforce with very low drag when used with the above settings. The wing stalls at settings above 9 deg.
Nose Height
30mm at the front edge. This setting is the base setting and most drivers find this gives the best balance.
Changes for Wet Conditions
We use the following changes:
Tracking to 5mm toe-out
Wet tyre pressures Front 14psi
Rear 18psi