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Maverick Div 1

Chassis Colour:
Rack & Pinion Steering Box:
Brake Pedal:
Gear Shift Lever:
Engine Mounts:
Petrol / Gas Tank:
Seat Size:
Head Rest:
Nose Colour:
Side Pod Colour:
Wing Element Colour:
Winglet Colour:
Inner End Plate Colour:
Outer End Plate Colour:
Bubble Main Colour:
Number Plate colour:
Petrol Pump Vacuum High Volume:
Quick Change Axle Sprockets:
State Qty and No of teeth:
- Range is 22t through 33t
Chain & Link - Regina Gold 3ft:
Silicone Hose 3 ft:
90 deg.Silicone Hose Bends:
Rain Light (switching & battery not incl.):
Drilling for Loc Wiring - US Requirement:
Pacing Box for Shipping
Additional Items: