Maverick 250 Div 1 Superkart

Price: £5495.00 (Plus VAT where applicable)

This Chassis provides higher grip levels during cornering while maintaining the high speed stability that our karts are renowned for… It's a huge step forward" in the words of Test Driver John Riley multiple European & British Champion.

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  • 30mm Aerospace tubing
  • Adjustable Track & Wheelbase
  • Rack & Pinion Steering option
  • FIVE STAR Brake System
  • 162 x 12mm Front Disk / Rotors
  • 200 x 16mm Rear Disk / Rotor
  • Anodized Alloy Components
  • Quick Release seat
  • Adjustable Brake Bias
  • Twin Radiators (side & rear)
  • 17ltr. Fuel Tank
  • Quick Change Sprocket Carrier
  • Hand or Foot Clutch option
  • Left or Right Hand Gear Shift
  • Double Rail Side Bars & Bumpers
  • Dunlop 6" Tyres
  • Motor Mounts for: FPE - ROTAX - DEA - PVP - BRC
  • Clutch & Throttle cables
  • Alloy Water Hose Kit
  • Assembled ready for engine installation

Factory Settings

Caster: 1035mm Measured from the front face of the rear axle bearing carrier to the centre of the top king-pin bolt (top upright bolt).

Camber: 0 to ½ deg Positive with wheels in straight ahead position.

Tracking: Parallel to 1mm toe out.

Front Track: 25mm in each side from maximum.

Rear Track: 30mm in each side from maximum.

Front Tyre Pressure: 10 psi (Recommended as start point).

Rear Tyre Pressure: 12 psi (Recommended as start point).

Wing Angle: This is measured by laying a straight edge fore and aft on the top of the wing and measuring the angle in relationship to the track using an angle gauge.
Dry Conditions: 0-2 deg
Wet Conditions: 2-4 deg
The new wing section has produced excellent downforce with very low drag when used with the above settings. The wing stalls at settings above 9 deg.

Nose Height: 25mm at the front edge/30mm at rear edge. This setting is the base setting and most drivers find this gives the best balance.

Changes for Wet Conditions: We use the following changes: Tracking to 5mm toe-out Wet tyre pressures – Front 14psi Rear 18psi.

Optional Extras

  • Split Color Bodywork
  • Rack & Pinion steering Box
  • Floor Tray Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Bodywork
  • Hand Clutch
  • Drilling For Loc Wire (US Specification)
  • Packing Box for Freight
  • World Wide Export available